Monday, 26 December 2011


Every year millions of people ‘s human rights are threatened and denied all around the world. Sexual abuse, illegal detention, poverty, child labor, racism/xenophobia, land exploitation etc….
Mother Theresa, said   do not wait for leaders. Do it alone, person to person”.
Yes, we can’t wait until the nations and the governments will take action and stand by the side of the needy, rescuing them from injustice, we cannot wait until the greed which drives power that rules us will fall and the eyes of the persecutors will start seeing and their hears listening. We cannot wait , we shall take action and make ours the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “be the change you want to see in the world”.

This means we should not wait  that politicians and governments will protect us equally, will save us, will feed us, will respect us, will listen to us, will destroy greed and anger for peace and harmony.


Poet and activist Philo Ikonya said that is this real time no matter if we are 12,10 or 7 anyone can make a change.   
People fear to stand because they believe they will lose something. Their job, their shelter, in some cases their country or their life. Some people fear to stand because they don’t know how to start and how to do it. People fear to stand because they think they will lose their freedom. What is freedom then? Do we know what really freedom is?

Are we free depending on the economical power of the few? Are we free while we are eating a roasted turkey while our eyes on a plasma tv watches million of people starving? Are we free when on our way home we see a line of desperate people stretching  their hands in the garbage looking for to survive one more day? Are we free knowing that  thousands of people are waiting for their death in the darkness of a cell trying to figure out how it will be their last minute of life? Are we free knowing that  a ten years old boy and his little sister of seven, works sixteen hours a day to pay their parents debts, making the shoes we will wear next summer ? Are we free knowing that our eighty eight years old neighbor is caught stealing an apple or a piece of meat in a suburb’s market, because he barely survives with his small pension after working the whole life? Are we free knowing that  a family of five can’t pay its rent, its bill because the only small salary they get is just enough to eat? Are we free knowing that we are acrobats walking on a rope which can be easily  threatened? Are we free knowing we are giving our children the opportunity to study while to their peers across the world  education is denied for the same reason why WE can afford it? Are we free knowing that our husband is threatened at work place because of his skin color?

WE ARE NOT FREE. And for what we can do is to start challenging our courage, our potential, our skills,  to serve THE cause. Fighting for HUMAN Rights.
Who can write, let us read!
Who can sing, let us listen!
Who can talk, let us hear!

- 2012-

In these days of anger
And greed –
No time to listen
No words to speak
No cause to stand
-Astonished eyes
empty hands
closed mouths
to feed the fear      - 

None to trust
None to blame
-Uncountable –
Across the borders

Mankind invented
words of war
to shut my breath
... down ...
That breath that once
-not long ago –
used to nourish the new idea
that would change this world
through the life I born.

Silence doesn’t need our share
-Not anymore standing mute and blind
As oppressed masses
where winds can’t blow
in their  direction                                                       

Words should rise from wisdom’s breast
enough to guide
the blossom of the new spring
 -Juvenile -
where thought and action
walk side by side
for a new Imaginary
to lead the world.


  1. You're rocking again! Yes it's true "silence doesn't need our share". This is not the time to keep quiet, we should revise the lessons of Thomas Sankara, Rosa PArks, Martin Luther KIng, Gandhi...

  2. Thank you Jema, you see every year at this time we make a sum of what the passed year was and we make a list of new resolutions till the next year... and so on. The world is under attack, there are threats everywhere and we have to fight against them with the power of our voice and the wisdom of our action and choices. You mentioned great leaders, great people, great men and women who fought with no violence to defend an idea, to promote human rights as the base of our civil life. Youth must be inspired by them to rise and stand to draw a new vision of the world.You know what we are doing down here everyday, that is a small "revolution" an action in progress to make our change.