Tuesday, 19 March 2013


THE CUT-LO STRAPPO is based on real experiences. These are the stories of real women who unfortunately endured FGM and everyday try, like us, to find a personal and social realization. Their body contains sufference, pain and oppression, sometimes is a body that cannot recognize its own identity and only following certain paths, like the one offered by the Gugu Women Lab from which THE CUT is a result, they become able to get back to their full identity.

Against FGM there are several laws, UN, EU and National governments worldwide have declared FGM illegal, punishing all transgressors’with prison. Unfortunately FGM is still widely practiced also where the law has banned it.

To stop FGM we need knowledge. We often criminalize all what we don’t know without having cognition of what we are pointing the finger against. Knowledge is the first step towards the abolition of FGM. Through a path of awareness it’s possible to fight against FGM feeling this problem as our own problem, and not just someone else’ problem. As part of the human community we all have to put ourselves in the situation of all the girls and women who every year suffer because of FGM. Their body is our body. Their cry is our cry their struggle must be our struggle. The cut they undergo must be our cut because simply because of  resepct because human rights should be equally guaranteed for all.
There are several examples of different communities in their country and in the diaspora, who have banned FGM and not because of an international laws, but because of knowledge and awareness. Being conscious of the worthless of this practice , many girls have been saved from FGM. Knowledge and awareness can work where sometimes the external judgment fail.


When internet started diffusing all over, promising to unite the world, certainly we couldn't imagine that it would have divided it. Though there is a positive way to use the world wide web, searching for information, confronting news, finding initiatives to share with others that will open our vision on FGM.


Share what you know about FGM with the people close to you, with our sons and daughters, our husbands and partners, friends and colleagues. It's a good way to spread awareness.


Support inititives aimed to inform people on FGM


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