Sunday, 7 June 2015


So i' m back from Abbracciamondo Festival. It has been such a nice experience for many reasons:
Dancer, Guerina Zanardini, Me, Jali Diebate, Silvia Turelli, Simona Bertoni

I performed with the awesome artist Jali Diabate, who is a master kora player from the Casamance region, in Senegal and comes from an ancient family of jalis (musicians and storytellers). He played his KORA enchanting the audience.

Jali Diabate and his Kora
On stage

We performed, Jali and I, having on stage the dancers of the Dance School Danz-Azzurra, directed by wonderful Guerina Zanardini, who expressed and shared their emotions on FGM through the body language.

Not to mention that we had a gorgeous venue: the cloister of a former convent with a nice fountain and two huge magnolia trees. This special space, not having a traditional stage,  gave us the chance to be close to the audience and interact in the end.

The Cut




Bodies talk
When everything started
exchanging ideas

Final words

Thank's to the organizers of the Festival, Silvia Turelli, Simona Bertoni and all the rest of the team who made possible this event to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation in the internationally well known area of   Val Camonica.

The audience was surprised and shocked to hear about what FGM, I was very happy at the end knowing that through THE CUT, Jali Diabate and I made possible a unique moment of empathy.


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