Monday, 30 May 2016

"OUT" is out

While working on my next poetry collection in English, I've decided to collect here few poems as an anticipation. In this special edition they are presentend along with the Art of my elder daughter IKI.  It was fun enough to work together. Iki loves to explore the boundaries between reality and dream so in a way it suits my words which describe situations, feelings, events that are somehow at the margin, OUT of the mainstream.

The poems are personal reflections on identity, boundaries, taboos, prejudices and some came out from unfolding memories of the past and aknowledging how the past informs our present. Some have been inspired by events and experiences that somehow had a personal impact.

Titile: OUT
Author: Valentina Mmaka
Art: Iki
Publisher: KabilianaPress
Pages: 54
ISBN 978-1499542509 
€ 5.50
BUY: Amazon


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