Tuesday, 19 July 2016


While deciding how will the english version of THE CUT look like, I arrived at the conclusion that it should be unique in its genre and more likely a complementary work to others already existing on FGM. 
In the Italian volume which is about 563 pages, there's a lot stuff in it also because in Italy, Italian readers can't rely on many non- anthropological books on this very subject. But English readers can get a wide list of books explaining what is FGM, where, how and who practice it. So, discussing with friends who are publishers, writers, educators, I decided that the English edition of THE CUT will definetly focus on the role of ART as a perfect medium to talk about FGM/C and address social issues but also Art as a healing path to overcome trauma. I feel that my work as an artist/activist will be better in conversation with existing books and works if I focus on the role of Art and what artists can do to engage people to social issues. 
So instead of the 563 pages English readers, might have a reasonable book of about 300 pages, more or less. 
It will be out approximately in december and hopefully will be officially launched next Febraury the 6th maybe also along with the performance.
It has been a long wait, but things not always go they way they show up in the first time. I had to change route and this took me a little bit longer. 
For all the amazing fellow mates I've met and will not be in the English edition, not being artists, I will include them in a new project which is already in progress and is now expanding.
Stay tuned!


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