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The Walking Race. A radio drama about gender equality and politics in modern Kenya.

Even though more and more Africans have access to internet through the phone, Radio is by far the dominant mass medium in Africa. Within the continent, Kenya has a huge number of community radio stations that are enabling isolated communities across the country to voice their own concerns. On air, ordinary citizens discuss issues that are central to them and this makes community radios an important platform to empower people  through information.
Mtaani Radio (99,9 FM) is one of the newest independent community based Radio in Nairobi located in Kivuli Centre, Kabiria serving Dagoretti Community. The intent of the radio is to build bridges with its listeners and empower the community to celebrate diversity and participate in its development.
Among its programs, there is attention on social issues like: Child’s rights education, Women empowerment, Youth empowerment, Health.

One of the newest programs is The Walking Race, a radio drama written, directed and produced by Patrick Kisarenge Modi. The Walking Race is a 12 episode’s drama that addresses the community on a number of themes related to politics and gender inequality in anticipation of next year’s Kenyan National Political elections.  We want to sensitize the community on the leadership of womeneducate and empower women to achieve a career, educate men to trust women says Patrick - women should not anymore be seen only as care takers but also as empowered leaders capable to run for important posts in any field.
Each episode of the radio drama goes on air twice a week, Sunday at 7 p.m in English and Monday at 9.00 p.m.  in Kiswahili with the title Safari Ndefu.

What happens if in modern Kenya a woman is willing to start a career in politics? In Kenya there’s still this strong imbalance between men and women. even though women represent 50% of the Kenyan popoluation and 60% of the country's registered voters, only 19% of women are parliamentaries. Gender inequality arises within Kenyan families and when a woman intends to start her own business or run for a post in politics - says Patrick -  she often finds obstacles within her family. The desire of economical independence and time out of the family, is often the cause of marriage breaks.

Back in 2012, Patrick started conceiving the idea of a play featuring women and politics before election time: I was inspired by a common saying which says that behind every successful man there’s a woman. I wanted to go further that and asked myself who is behind every successful woman? I initially thought about making the woman protagonist of my play a woman president but there were no role models to be inspired by, so I thought about a woman who is running for a more local post in politics as a MCA (Member of County Assembly).
Four years later, the play has been adapted for the radio and this coming week the second episode will be on air. 

I had the opportunity to assist to the rehearsals and I found very compelling the idea of generations confronting each other discussing about gender roles, questioning an old patriarchal system and coming at peace with the idea that gender equality should be the path towards a more successfull society.  
Another issue touched by The Walking Race is the importance of building an inclusive community by embracing all diversities. Kabiria and Nairobi, on a larger scale, are home to many refugees and immigrants and as part of the society, they should be able to have a voice and a political representation.


(Cedric Mugo, Chege Kamau, Bridgit Aringo and Ann Wachira)

Rehearsal (Cedric Mugo and Ann Wachira)

Rehearsal (Cedric Mugo and Chege Kamau)

The cast was chosen after an audition: The actors are at their first experience in acting and this makes the whole experience extremly important for all of them - explains  Patrick  - also the Radio Drama is all done on a volunteer basisWe didn't find sponsors yet, so we are still looking for them but we are hopeful that some  will show up and help this important project to achieve the best result.

The actors are:

Chege Kamau in the role of David (Kuseti's Dad)
Cedric Mugo in the role of Kuseti (Angela's Husband)
Bridgit Aringo on the role of Mapenzi (David's wife)
Ann Wachira in the role of Angela (Kuseti's wife, MCA aspirant)
Evelyn Kinya in the role of Leha (Women group member)
Jane Mwangi in the role of Susan (Women group secretary)
Nancy Muthee in the role od Mama Njeri (Women group member)
Humphrey Sakawa in the role of Jamo in the role of the thug
Daniel Tsimbego - in the role of Robaa (thug)
Hesborn Gekone in the role of the Kapten (aspiring male MCA)
Michael Barnabe in the role of John (Leah's husband)
A police  - in the role of officer Kip

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