Sunday, 9 October 2016

FGM in Iran ... The Documenatry

Rayehe Mozafarian
Activist, Researcher and Artist Rayehe Mozafarian has directed, edited and produced a short video interviewing women in Sirik city (Province of Hormozgan), about Female Genital Mutilation. The video, which is part of the StopFGMIran campaign,  took four days to shoot and it happened in coincidence with a wedding ceremony: it was intentional to put the two events in the same video, the interviews and the wedding ceremony. While I was interviewing some midwives, I was invited to the wedding and it seemed a perfect combination to emphasize the importance of addressing FGM and the sufference of women who have undergone or will undergo the cut."
Rayehe explains the reason why the faces of the women interviewed are blurry: I didn't get permission so I had to obscure their faces. 
Rayehe is now planning to produce a longer documentary for which she already had permissions from the Government.  A work that will enlighten the presence of FGM in Iran. 

Rayehe has been working extensively in two different related campaigns: StopFGMIran and Stop Early Marriage in Iran.

She is the author of: The Ring which is intended to find and make light on child marriage and its causes (published in 2016), Razor and Tradition (Utopia Publisher, Paris 2013), Tigh o Sonnat (Razor and Tradition) (Takht Jamshid Publisher, Iran 2015). 
More about Rayehe's Work here.


The Ring


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