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Arusha Poetry Club

Charles Bukowski was right when he said that Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.  I shall add that being with poets things just happen, things that wouldn't otherwise. When I'm with poets, no matter where,  I always get to experience a kind of exclusive feeling of belonging which otherwise I couldn't as I try to be detached from this feeling as much as I can, at least in regard to places. The only place I can really belong to is my writing and Art, in a more extensive way. 
I've spent a wonderful overwhelming week end in Arusha. I couldn't think of a better way to learn and share and I have to thank three special people: Charlotte O'Neal (aka Mama C), Edmond Azaza and Clara Castells who made possible my participation at the Arusha Poetry Club.
Whenever I go to new places I never go with expectations, I prefer to be overwhelmed in negative and in positive by the place itself... the surprise element is essential for creative minds and sensitive souls. Arusha struck me the first hour I set foot on its soil. I felt a good energy and positive thoughts and this even before brother Edmond (thank you for confirming what I felt) informed me about the spiritual nature of Mount Meru, just north of the city of Arusha, which corresponds to the geographic center of the Earth. Amazing how places speaks to our souls, and how they are all connected: Italo Calvino siad that all places communicate instantly with all other places and it cannot be more than true. 
Group Photo
With dada Mama Charlotte O ' Neal 
dada Charleen
with Edmond Azaza
Arusha Poetry Club
Edmond Azaza
Edmond Azaza and Tim Titere

Vicky Azaza

Monday, 19 June 2017

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Creative Encounters #2

Creative Encounters #2

Creative Encounters #2

Creative Encounters #2

Roy RoyBoy
Creative Encounters #2 just happened on Friday 16th at The Kobo Trust, Kobo is known for promoting mainly visual art from East Africa, but now committed in hosting artists from different art's expressions to enlarge perspectives and share ideas.
It was a lovely evening with awesome artists from Kenya and the rest of the world.
Friend Hamid Barole Abdu was our special guest all the way from Eritrea, Italy, Kampala. Hamid is a poet and writer currently based in Kampala.
It was his first time at Creative Encounters for songwriter and singer Tetu Shani who made the audience sing and dance overwhelmed by his vibes and energy.
Part of our team of artists were musician Fadhilee Itulya, spoken word poet Roy Royboy, visual artist and poet Naitiemu Nyanjom, visual artist based at Kobo Trust Lemek Tompoika, the duo M-Tafsiri formed by Reagan Oduor and Amalie Asmild, contemporary dancer Moses Steel  and we had The African Band.

As our host, The Kobo Trust, will be soon inaugurating (July 2017) the  exhibition  Arts to end Slavery, we thought of starting a conversation with the theme of the exhibition so all artists addressed issues like identity, forced migration, human trafficking, sexual exploitation.
We all believe that art has the unique power to address social issues making impact and creating a platform for social transformation.

Creative Encounters aims not just to provide nice and original performances for the audience but mostly to build a platform for different artists to meet and share their work. It is immensely important and necessary for the Kenyan socio cultural context that different art's expression link to each other to inspire each other and set new ideas and new forms of collaborations.

Stay tuned for Creative Encounters #3 on July.