Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Creative Encounters #3

Creative Encounters #3 just ended and it was a great day. The platform is growing, this time we had about 80 people attending the event.
As Kobo Trust recently hosted the exhibition Arts to End Slavery, organized by Haart Kenya, we wanted to dedicate also this event to the topic of human trafficking.
Though it is outlawed everywhere, human trafficking exists globally.  According to latest global index, 46 millions of people today live as slaves. The report indicates 167 countries where slavery still happens. Modern slavery is a multi-billion-dollar industry with estimates of up to $ 150 billion generated annually, I guess this statistic is not updated but it gives a sense of the impact in our societies. 
When words fail us in front of these dreadful statistics, Art is the only tool we have to raise awareness and address social change. Creative Encounters is a platform that gathers together artists from different art fields to inspire one another and offer the possibility to create new forms of artistic partnerships and collaboration.
Through this platform we are also committed in addressing, through art, social issues and social change making impact. We use art to enlighten, educate and discuss subjects that are of great weight and concern in the society such as gender equality, youth empowerment, human trafficking, migration, homophobia, racism, inequality, gender based violence.

The artists who were on stage were:
Mufasa Poet | Ijakaa Imo | Mamboleo | Tarcisse Kana | Valentina Mmaka | Naitiemu Nyanjom | Dikson Kaloki | Florin Mmaka | Ian Msanii | RoyRoyboy | Stacey Ravvero | Peter Ngila | Clara Castells

Mufasa Poet | Dikson Kaloki | I | Peter Ngila

Clara Castells
Ian Msanii
Naitiemu Nyanjom
Stacey Ravvero


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