Valentina runs writing workshops for children, YA and adults. She also teaches writers how to write their own process and learn to work with it.

Valentina has facilitated many writing and theatre workshops addressed to  marginalized communities using art as a tool to overcome difficult experiences and heal from traumatic events.

If you have a budget, please describe it below (for example, do you have a set amount you're working within, is travel & lodging included, etc). If the budget is limited or timing is an issue, Valentina is open to Skype sessions.

Valentina gives public talks, workshops and presentations to educators, activists, authors, artists, librarians, and students on a range of topics such as: Writing, Storytelling to make impact, Social change through Art, The role of Art in Education, Children's books, Writing as a healing process, Diversity, Stereotypes, FemaleGenitalMutilation, Immigration.  

For school visits, workshops and conferences please contact Valentina describing the type of event you wish to organize:

Valentina Mmaka
valentinammaka- AT- gmail-DOT-com