Tuesday, 17 July 2018


This summer I'll be facilitating two different writing retreats in Italy and Kenya.
There will be 3 days or 1 week long retreats for all needs and pockets. The two venues I'm partnering with are simply gorgeous! 

In Italy I'll be co hosting the event with Brazilian poet, writer and actress Rosana Crispim Da Costa who owns the Molino del Gobbo, an amazing house in the midst of the woods on the hills of Montefeltro. 
In Italia coordinerò il ritiro di scrittura nel bellissimo Molino del Gobbo dell'amica  scrittrice brasiliana Rosana Crispim da Costa. Un luogo fiabesco nel mezzo dei boschi sulle colline del Montefeltro, un luogo ricco di storia, cultura e natura. 

In Kenya I'll be co hosting the event with Ugandan/British writer, activist and filmaker Suhalia Abu Cross who owns the Lighthouse Villas, a wonderful location in the heart of Mombasa lying on the Indian Ocean.
In Kenya coordinerò il ritiro di scrittura  nella bellissima Lighthouse Villas della regista e scrittrice Suahlia Abu Cross, a Mombasa, antica città costiera del Kenya adagiata nell'Oceano Indiano.

For writers, it's often hard to concentrate when we are under pressure and busy with our daily obligations. That's why writing holidays seems to be a perfect opportunity to start / finish a writing project or to take a different writing path and for many also learn how to move forward with your own story. 
E' spesso difficile per uno scrittore concentrarsi quando si è sotto pressione e pieni di impegni quotidiani. L'idea di una vacanza-ritiro per scrittori nasce dalla necessità di offire uno spazio rilassante e suggestivo in cui concentrarsi esclusivamente sulla scrittura. Per chi deve portare a termine o cominciare un nuovo progetto letterario o per chi vuole imparare a spingersi oltre nel mondo della scrittura e trovare la voce per la propria storia, questi due ritiri sono ottime opportunità per questa estate.

Writing Retrats are for English and Italian Speaking writers. Check in for dates for both.
I ritiri per scrittori sono rivolti a scrittori che scrivono in lingua Inglese e Italiana. Verifica le diverse date. 

For more writing workshops available online, please check the Horoeka Writing Hub.
Per ulteriori laboratori di scrittura online, potete consultare il sito di Horoeka Writing Hub.

Stay Tuned in November there will be an amazing Retreat taking place in Tanzania in a gorgeous setting. Dates coming soon.

State sintonizzanti su questo sito per una magnifica opporunità di ritiro in Tanzania a Novembre in una luogo da sogno.

Saturday, 26 May 2018


Summer is close, even if  I'll be travelling to coordinate two writing retreats, I will continue teaching online creative writing for Italian and English Speakers.
Feel free to inbox if you want to receive the complete brochure with all details.
I'm often asked if it's possible to learn how to write. I think that the most important thing is to learn how to read. From what we read and how we read  depends our writing.
It is true, every one has a story to tell, everyone actually is a story, we are stories but if we think that our stories are of universal value, we need to know how to tell them and own the writing subject, experiment and explore its possibilities.

L'estate è alle porte,  sarò in viaggio ad organizzare due rititi per scrittori. Tuttavia continuerò a tenere corsi di scrittura online per scrittori esordienti e con esperienza che scrivono in lingua italiana e in lingua inglese. 
Mi viene spesso chiesto se sia possibile imparare a scrivere. Direi che è innanzi tutto fondamentale imparare a leggere. Da come e cosa si legge dipende la qualità della nostra scrittura.
E' vero, noi siamo delle storie, abbiamo tutti tante storie da raccontare, ma questo non basta. Perché essere possano arrivare a contagiare gli altri, a diffondersi, a trovare una strada propria, occorre impadronirsi della materia scritta, sperimentare e conoscere le infinite possibilità della scrittura.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Storytelling & Bookmaking Workshop

We all have a story to tell.  This workshop is an intensive journey where our children are encouraged to tell their stories. Stories that are inclusive in which they feel represented. Through a guided path, they will write their story, create the illustrations for it, bind the book and learn different ways of publishing and sharing their work.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Friday, 1 December 2017

Of things that hurt | Poetry from Kenya

La Macchina Sognante, the literary magazine directed by poet Pina Piccolo, has now an English version: The Dreaming Machine
I'm glad that in the first issue of the magazine Kevin Mwachiro and Seise Bagbo's poems found a home. 
Here a taste of them:


Your Wind

My radio is silent and the TV faceless
Yet your voice forever tuned-in and your memory glued.
Your stature earthed, but your roots your legacy
Your smile dimmed, but your radiance glows
Your wind – how strong it still blows!


Of the things that hurt,
Of all the things that i cried for but didn’t get,
Of the fresh wounds that bleed but won’t be nursed,
Of the stories that dried up in our throats,
Of our hearts that hang on fences,
Unloved and unloving,
Of all the men and women who broke our hearts,
We still see you in the reflections of our brokenness,
Of the betrayal and loyalty,
The knives are still stuck at the places you stabbed,
Of us all who survived,
The scars are a show that we are still alive,
That we fought and got here,
Our names stuck with the stars,
Of you who fought by us,
We die by the sword,
Of all the moments,
Of pleasure and pain,
Of kings and paupers,
Of queens and chamber maids,
Of us all.
We lived, we loved

Monday, 28 August 2017

Thursday, 17 August 2017