Thursday, 28 May 2015


When my publisher accepted to publish a book about Female Genital Mutilation I was over thrilled. I started working on FGM in the late 90s, but it's only in 2011 that I focused on the subject through the magnificent women who have been part of the Gugu Women Lab, the collective I formed in  Cape Town in 2011. I didn't know - we didn't know - where our work would have brought us.  I'm proud to say that it has brought us very far, producing a performance which toured some european countries, organising workshops in schools and now the book and more to come after summer.

It's quiet difficult to publish a book on FGM as the subjects evolves day by day so it seems is never fully updated but I accept it... I can say more... I wish the day in which this book will have to be re written, saying that FGM no longer exhist, will come soon!

I had marvellous collaborators: activists, survivors, artists, religious leaders, midwives, nurses, doctors, lawyers, educators who contributed in figuring out the different aspects and realities about FGM in the world.
And if this wasn't enough I got overwhelmed of messages of esteem and appreciation for my work. I share some of them here also for my Publisher Mauro Baffico, who has believed in this project and has chosen a lovely cover which received a huge positive feedback!
No words to thank you all.

Malika Ndlovu - Poet 

Congrats on getting this far with the project sister Valentina! May the way continue to open.
Sayydah Garrett – Activist

I'm so excited for you, Valentina!!  I'm honored to have contributed in any way to your wonderful project!! Thank you for all you do in the fight against FGM!

Gbenga Adesanya  - screenwriter and writer

While I appreciate this, what you are doing is not a request for help in making the world better, it is a mountain top call to us all to live this one moment well, and make sure we leave it well for many coming after us.
In my own space, I have quietly followed your passion and diligence to the struggles you have committed yourself at this critical time of human existence, and I dare say, that though the issues are ever staggering and intimidating, you are a champion in waking us all up.
I do not have a loud voice to sing your praise, but this tiny voice will join with others, and will become loud enough to say thank you for fighting the fight. I wish you many more successes in many more struggles.

Mario d’ Offizi - Writer 

Congrats Valentina. Well done!! I checked out your website...awesome work you're doing...and with dedication!

Meena Kandasamy – poet and writer

This is brilliant. Can't wait to read the English version. And the cover just totally rocks.

Rah Busby – writer and activist

Well Done Valentina heart emoticon I love the cover and wish you all best with sending her out into the world. Much Respect and Congratulations

Hibo Wardere – Activist

Huge congratulations my wonderful friend, looking forward in reading it.

Insia Dariwala – Filmaker

Congratulations Valentina… would love to read it and love the cover

Priya Goswami – Filmaker

Congrats! And a very intelligent cover indeed

Dorcus Parit – Educator and Activist

Congratulations!!!! Cool Good Work

And again 
Thank you my wonderful friends and fellows who have been part of my life for the past year: Adey, Hibo, Sayydah, Tony, Samuel, Gbenga, Juliet, Godfrey, George, Edna, Khadija, Hilary, Reina, Rena, Tasleem, Arifa, Priya, Insia, Beryl, Fatou, Sayon, Bafing, Russell, Aarefa, Reetika, Danish, Saiffedine, Rah, Patricia, Pat, Zetta, Malika, Sya, Dorcus, Lao, Funmilayo,  Tahar, Diana, Comfort, Nwachukwu, Philippe, Zanele, Haregu, Ewoma, Douodu, Mariama, Wanjiru, Jane, Chantal, Ayana, Nozi, Imane, Tembisa, Haregu, Amina, Naledi, Nawal, Mauro, Florin Aisha, Shali and all those who have expressed appreciation on social media.... too many to name them all. 
Asante Sana! Ngiyabonga! 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


The Italian Edition of my book about Female Genital Mutilation will be out in few days by Edizioni dell'Arco. 

L'Edizione italiana del mio libro sulle Mutilazioni Genitali Femminili è in uscita nei prossimi giorni per Edizioni dell'Arco.

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I also do skype visists whenever distance or circumstances do not allow otherwise

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